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Business set up




2 Weeks or 10 business days


About the Course

Starting a business can be overwhelming, but with our help, you'll have all the tools and support you need to get started the right way. Our team of business owners, designers, and content creators is now offering a complete package for anyone interested in starting their own business, from A to Z.

Your Instructor

Thao Nguyen

Are you ready to turn your entrepreneurial dream into a reality? Our team of business experts, including myself as the instructor, is here to help. With decades of business experience and a strong community network, we provide a comprehensive package for anyone looking to start their own business, from A to Z. Our services include website creation, marketing material, business planning, city requirements, product sourcing, and much more. We'll also guide you through the tax paperwork, employee management, and other important aspects of running a successful business. Plus, with our community network, your new business will have an additional cushion of customers from day one. Don't miss this opportunity to get the support you need to succeed. Contact us now to learn more and get started!

Thao Nguyen
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