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Wire-Outlet offers phone computer repair service, activate Att Verizon Gen Simple Ultra H20 Boost website design, private mailbox, and private group nutrient eat out and hiking tour. Get exclusive discounts with our membership plan. Find all your technology and lifestyle needs in one place.

We are a brick-and-mortar store with two locations, one in Westminster and the other in Riverside. Both are located in convenient and easily accessible plazas.

Our Riverside location has been serving the community for over 15 years, providing quality products and services to our loyal customers who have come to know us through word-of-mouth and repeat business. Our Westminster location was also active in the community, participating in events and giving back through rewards and games.

We want to be transparent about our work and, values for a better community.  Please consider supporting us as a customer, or member, or by joining our activities, investing in us, or simply keeping us in mind. 
Together, we can continue to positively impact the community."



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